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Ambassadors of Reconciliation Training Events

September 09, 2017

Save the date! Four Ambassadors of Reconciliation training events are being held in the Western NY area in September. These scripture-based, Gospel-centered seminars can help church members, families, church leaders, and congregations grow in their relationships, and as a result, grow as stewards of the resources with which God equips His churches. Please consider attending training, as well as encouraging as many members of your congregations as possible to attend one or more of these training events together. Use the links below to learn more about each event.

Go and Be Reconciled: What Does This Mean?

Sept. 9th—Mount Olive Lutheran Church, Lockport, NY—$25

This seminar is a full-day Bible study on reconciling relationships and resolving conflict. It reflects on the biblical teaching for reconciliation while reviewing the six chief parts of Christian doctrine from Luther’s Small Catechism. The study answers “What does this mean?” through two parts: “Be Reconciled to God” and “Be Reconciled to Others.”

Lay Leadership Training

Sept. 10th—Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Clarence, NY—$49

The objective of this interactive training is that you will be inspired and equipped to fulfill your responsibilities as a spiritual leader in vocations such as elder, council member, school board member, etc.

Coaching People through Conflict Practicum

Sept. 11th & 12th—Pioneer Camp and Retreat Center—as low as $299

Prepares leaders – reconcilers, pastors, elders, teachers, administrators, parents – to guide people to reconciliation through one- on-one coaching. Almost everyone can benefit from this training, since all of us at times give advice to others on responding to conflict.

Mediating People through Conflict Practicum

Sept. 13th & 14th—Pioneer Camp and Retreat Center—as low as $399

Prepares leaders—reconcilers, pastors, elders and other lay leaders to mediate disputes between parties in a biblically faithful manner. The practicum is presented in 2 intense days of practicing mediation skills. Your instructors will demonstrate specific skills and then you will practice parts of the mediation process. The first day you will practice parts of a mediation in exercises. The second day you will experience two longer mediation role-plays, both as a mediator and as a party. A special feature of this training is one-on-one live evaluation from one of our instructors.

REGISTER here today at or call the Pioneer office at 716-549-1420.