Summer Camps Agape

Agape Camp is Pioneer’s camp for those with Developmental & Intellectual Disabilities. We have a wide variety of activities that everyone can participate in. Some favorite activities include: interactive devotions, arts & crafts, off-site bowling trips, singing and campfires, special theme days, and swimming, boating, and beach time!


Available Care

We have full time nursing staff on site and our counselors are trained to work with many aspects of care. However, our staff are not able to handle high amounts of physical care or behavioral needs. Campers must be able to take care of their own personal care needs without assistance or with only verbal prompts and/or minimal hand over hand assistance. Please make us aware of any special needs so that we can better serve each camper.

About the word “Agape”

The Greeks had four words for love: Eros, Philios, Storge, and Agape.  Eros is a romantic type of love that exists between a man and a woman, Philios is best known as a type of brotherly love (you know, Philadelphia: the city of brotherly love), Storge is the type of love that exists between a parent and their child, and Agape is a type of love that is much different than all of the others.

Agape is a love that transcends emotion and knows no bounds.  Practicing agape love is doing what is right or what is best for the other person at all times, Agape love calls you to show love unceasingly, and in this camp it is amazing to see.

Downloadable forms

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