Pioneer Family Connect


Whether you’re new to Pioneer or you’ve been coming for years, there are ways for you to connect and join the Pioneer community. Over Pioneer’s 70 years, it has become a beacon of light that shines brightly to those in need, revealing that it’s possible to receive help, hope, and healing in a broken world. Ask people what Pioneer is to them, and you’ll hear: “Pioneer is where I met my spouse”, “Pioneer is where my faith became real”, “Pioneer is where I saw that beautiful sunset”, “Pioneer is home”… Pioneer is many things to many people, but one thing remains constant: Pioneer is here for you.

What is Pioneer to you? Come and find out.

(Or, if you already know, come out and celebrate!)


A lot of work at Pioneer is not done by contracted labor – it’s done by many people who sacrificially give of their time. Be Radically Generous. Connect Through Serving.

Support Pioneer

For 70+ years we’ve been able to faithfully serve the community in many areas of need, because of the generous contributions so many of you have made.


Our alumni are people who are going out into the world and actively making a difference through the real grace of Christ.


At Pioneer we view our sponsors as a valued partners - partners that are there with us every step of the way as we continue our commitment to service that has been going strong for 69 years.